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Comedy Merch is an ever growing market place that is highly integrated into the comedy industry at it’s core. 

Brought to you by the same team behind Hot Water Comedy Club means that there are direct links to a huge online audience of over 3m followers with the direct integrations with Google, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

The Comedy Merch marketplace already sells products from some of the best comedy brands in the world including Hot Water Comedy Club, Hot Water’s Green Room, The Mild High Club Podcast, Dead Men Talking + many more being onboarded every single week.

Comedy Merch also provides the platform for creators to sell their digital content. This has been very popular with comedians who have tour shows already recorded that have no outlet to sell them. Our service allows you to list, sell and automatically fulfil digital content without any manual work from the creator.

Due to the popularity of our launch we decided to open our marketplace up to musicians, rappers, clothing brands, all genres of podcasts, event companies + much more to create a one stop shop for creators from across the world.

We offer over 200 products on a print-on-demand service which means that we cover all printing and fulfilment of any orders and all the creator would need to supply is the original design and product information.

We will also soon be adding a fulfilment service in which we will allow creators to send us products that we will store and fulfil on demand.

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